Hakan Sabanci has much to hide, and the news that comes to us does not stop increasing the feeling that he has a very dark side. This secret of Hande Erçel’s boyfriend has made us light all alarms, because it affects it directly.

Una de las sensuales fotos de Hande Erçel, en el espejo y mostrando un hombro

Since Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci are a couple, there are too many things that do not fit us. First, the fact that his family is not especially happy with this Relationship (we are investigating some data that have put our hair and we can surely confirm this week). second, the Like more inopportune of Sabanci to a model, which made the fans of the actress leave the recalite in networks. But the Last secret of Hande Erçel’s boyfriend has left us quite worried.

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This secret of Hande Erçel’s boyfriend has a name: Murat Dalkiliç

Well, let’s start at the beginning. Murat Dalkiliç is a famous Turkish singer with whom, as you know, Hande had a relationship. Were together three years, from 2017 to 2020. They even got committed; That is, they almost arrive at the altar. But a betrayal of Murat caused the commitment to break.

Murat Dalkiliç y Hande Erçel, enamorados, juntos y en primer plano
La relación entre Murat y Hande se rompió en 2020.

Now let’s continue with Murat. The singer, when he started dating Hande, has just divorced Merve Boluğur, another very famous actress and model in her country. Well, Merve, after separating from Murat, Began dating Hakan Sabanci. chance? Well, it doesn’t seem like it.

Is Sabanci in love with Erçel or only obsessed with the ex de Murat?

And here comes our great doubt. Because isn’t Too much coincidence that women who have been going through Murat’s life are then a couple of Hakan? Is it a little game that brings the millionaire? Are you obsessed with going out with the girls who were before with the singer?

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Merve Bolugur
En cuanto Merve se separó de Murat, comenzó a salir con Hakan. Hande también es una ex del cantante. Raro, raro, raro.

We know that both the millionaire and the singer are not precisely the most modes in Turkey. Come on, Who like to link Sergio Ramos a tattoo. but discovering this leaves us quite worried about the sincerity of their feelings towards the protagonist of Iki Yabanci.

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