This cat and mouse game that the protagonists of ‘Love is in the air’ are brought by us. In an event he attended as an absolute protagonist, Hande Erçel was asked about Kerem Bürsin’s ex. And defined it with very few words. Uy, oh, oh.

Hande Erçel apoyada en Kerem Bürsin en una foto promocional
Pero por otra ex, no por ella, claro. No va a opinar de sí misma.

Have these two really passed page? Because sometimes things happen with which you don’t know what to think. Everything happened in the context of the presentation of a firm that Hande Erçel is an image: they asked him about Kerem Bürsin and Gave his opinion without thinking about it for a second.

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Presentation of the signing of which is a face

As you know, Hande is an image of Nocturne, a clothing firm that the day before yesterday presented his summer collection. Hande went beautiful, with a Two -piece of a broken white pieces formed by vest and pants, and a tall bow. It really looked like a goddess. What did Kerem think when he saw her, now that he has broken with Mehtap Algül?

Hande, en el evento de Nocturne.

Hande Erçel was asked about Kerem Bürsin’s ex and responded like this

And speaking of Kerem Bürsin, Hande was put in a huge tighten when asked not for Mehtap, but for Serenay Sarikaya who, as you know, was also the actor’s girlfriend. The thing is that the question came with Venenito, because although in theory they wanted his opinion about his take -off as an actress, what was behind was “we are giving you the opportunity to spread, queen, say, queen, say! . and said it.

Bueno, dulce según en qué momentos, ¿eh?

“It seems very successful and very sweet,” he replied immediately. Hande, who is not dumb, sure he thought that, he stopped to meditate on the answer two seconds, everyone would comment on the answer. But no: it was elegant, as she is always her.

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The runrún about Hafsanur Sancaktan

In the Photocall, Hande began to do a little fool with the poses, something in which several people present wanted to see a Mocke Couple in Kerem’s fiction in çok Seversen, who recently posed before the cameras in a similar way. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only thing that happens to us is that there are still many Hankers and that is difficult to overcome …

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