Is what these things have: if you formalize a relationship, from that moment you have to give explanations. This has happened to Hande Erçel, who has talked about her boyfriend’s unexpected reaction when she returned from Cannes to Turkey. And we can only say one thing: the actress could not be clearer.

Cannes, the place where half the world ended the Hakan-Hande relationship, ended up being the place where the couple formalized its relationship posing at the Amfar gala. Many things happen with this apparently Nimio. One of them is that, when returning from the Film Festival, the press approached both. And the reaction of Hande Erçel’s boyfriend surprised (for worse) all.

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Hande Erçel’s boyfriend’s reaction: statements that put him against everyone

The press was waiting for them at the airport. It was expected: they had just posed for the first time as a couple and fans wanted to know. When a reporter approached him, Hakan replied: “The same story every time you see us together begins to be not fun. I’m not comfortable at this time. Do we have to talk every time? Now, finally, he has talked about the matter.

This is how Hande Erçel explains that: “It was really uncomfortable”

As you may know, the day before the celebration of elections in Spain had been the second round of those of Turkey. At the exit of the Electoral College the press was waiting for Hande to ask about what happened at the airport. You can record us anywhere outside, but being at the airport all the time was really uncomfortable. It was obvious that we were tired there, ”the actress justified.

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Well, nothing. We can understand tiredness, Hande, but we don’t know if your fans will endure many displacements of this type by Hakan …

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