Life now smiles at him, but we didn’t know the very hard drink for which the actress passed in confinement by Covid. Hande Erçel has recently revealed this tragedy and our heart has shrunk.

Covid pandemic put us all at home for several months. They were very hard times in many ways. Now that it seems that everything is far away, tremendous stories begin to be known at that time. One that we have just known is that of Hande Erçel, who revealed a tragedy lived then and until now unknown to the public.

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Hande Erçel’s tragedy: someone was in a coma and point of dying

When the confinement began because of the Covid, Hande was still grieving for the death of his mother, who died of cancer only one year earlier. Locked at home, without being able to work or leave, did something that many of us did: cook as if there was no tomorrow.

Había pasado poco más de un año desde la muerte de la madre de Hande cuando nos confinaron por el covid.

One day Decided to do Kemal Pasha, a delicious Turkish dessert. in Cannes, in response to the questions of a Turkish journalist, he told the sad story: “My grandfather used to do the Kemal Pasha very well. One day I called him and asked for the recipe. I prepared the dessert and let it cool. Time passed, I returned to the kitchen … ”.

At that time, Hande saw that half of the dessert were missing. “I asked people at home, but nobody had eaten. Then I saw my blue dog lying unconscious in a corner. opened the kitchen door, ate half of the dessert and passed out, ”he confessed. Azul had a Diabetic coma and was about not to get out of it. Luckily and thanks to veterinarians, today everything has remained in a scare.

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Pero cómo se te ocurre, Azul.

Thus the Kemal Pasha is prepared, the dessert that you should never leave near your pet if you do

If you like sweets, Kemal Pasha is a real delight. It has Yogurt, vanilla, semolina, sunflower oil, flour, eggs and yeast. the ingredients are mixed to form a soft paste with which Balls are similar to the Mochis. They are Bake and then soak up in a syrup, and end up sprinkling with Grated coconut. A wonder not suitable for those who do not want to try sugar … or for sweet dogs.

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