No one opted for this relationship but Hande Erçel has been recorded on mobile with a young entrepreneur. We have the video.

We see each time further than Hande Erçel return with Kerem Bürsin along with the one that starred two things 1) the ‘love is in the air’ that so much so like all and 2) a Torrid romance outside the screens that ended when the filming of the series ended.

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That is why the images that we bring you today make us happy and saddened because Hande Erçel has not returned with Kerem Bürsin , but we are happy because it seems that Has found love again.

Hande Erçel recorded with a new boyfriend

What we bring you today is the confirmation that Hande Erçel’s new boyfriend is the Turkish businessman that so many digital pages has filled for months and that we can finally confirm that they are known and Until Come together.

The news was in which Hakan Sabanci , a 31 -year -old businessman hid at home so as not to uncover the news of a romance with Hande. Hakan is also president of the Board of Directors of Dense Denizcilik Holding , a Turkish owner who has a fleet of more than 20 ships and the heir of the fourth generation of the noble Sabanci family.

For months, the rumors that Hande and Hakan were seeing , they ran like gunpowder, but finally we have the proof that it is and Among them there is something.

Hande Erçel recorded with Hakan Sabanci

As expected, the video went viral in minutes and immediately The networks began to speculate with this ‘couple by surprise’

While it is true, in the video there is no detail that allows us to confirm a possible Relationship between the two beyond that they are together in the same place, but the idea of a new couple between Erçel and Sabanci is juicy enough for Turkish digital to open this news today.

The ‘Hankers’ are sad , mourning, hopeless because it seems that Hande tired of waiting has decided to move token and rebuild his love life or at least, start dating new people.

Hande Erçel’s new work.

While we wait to see if Hakan manages to fill the hole that Kerem Bürsin left, Hande will have a movement of the Movidito Year since the filming of ‘Two Strangers’ begins, a new series for Fox where he will give life to a psychiatrist who will have to attend to a very special patient played by actor Burak Deniz, with whom he will work in the series ‘Hayat: love without words’

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