What is promised is debt and here we are to show you photos of the photo session of Hande Erçel for Nocturne that he is doing in Dubai.

This morning we showed you that the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ Had just arrived at Abu Dhabi . In the photos we saw a Plethoric hande , with a smile that denoted the happiness that is lived in the first weeks of falling in love and that is that Hande Erçel has begun to leave with the Turkish businessman Hakan Sabanci with which It has been ‘on tour’ for several days. That if from Istanbul to Paris, that if from Paris to Finland and thus all week showing As two tortolites grabbed hand and shouting his love to the four winds. Well, we continue.

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This morning we saw how Hande Erçel landed at Abu Dhabi Accompanied by a few colleagues . Among them was The owner of the night brand for which Hande is an image, a hairdresser and several more companions so we got down to work to find out what Hande had gone to Dubai. P>

What has Hande Erçel to Dubai?

The answer is simple. Hande Erçel is in Dubai To inaugurate a ‘flagship’ that has opened the brand in the Dubai Mall and for more than right now we are going to teach you.

If this morning we saw Hande Erçel be received in the store with a beautiful bouquet of flowers …

In the afternoon the thing was something different.

Hande Erçel takes advantage of his stay in Dubai to perform the next night brand spot.

And it is that Hande Erçel in the afternoon Went to the beach to shoot a spot and surely also a photo shoot to feed the social networks of Night.

In this sequence extracted from the Stories of the Hande Erçel team for Nocturne we can see that Work, work , but they also have time for Drinking a cocoloco , enjoy with the warm temperatures and even Fish some clueless sea star.

And after a hard day of filming, play Say at least the beach for today. Will we have photos of Hande Erçel going out to dinner at some luxurious restaurant in the city? Sure yes, We will continue informing.

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