It seems that Burak Deniz, who will be Hande Erçel’s partner in the new series that will roll together has problems with alcohol and aggressive behavior. Hande!

The new work that Hande Erçel has signed next to Burak Deniz for the Fox channel and that will begin to shoot shortly has been received by all as a very Good news . A new series of Hande Erçel was missing who after ‘Love is in the air’ had not released a new work in which to show that she is still the actress who fell in love with us all in ‘Sen Cal Kapimi’. >

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Hande Erçel on alert for his shooting partner

And that will be a shooting partner with Hande Erçel in his new series ‘Two Strangers’ (‘Iki Yabanci’), Burak Deniz seems to have a dark past in which even Came to run over A motorist when he was driving under the influence of alcohol in May 2020.

And it is that the fans of Hande Erçel are Worried with this behavior in which also Burak shows its most aggressive side as for example this past month of September in which he was the protagonist of Another unpleasant altercation.

In September 2022 Burak again lia

As reported by the journalist specializing in Turkish series Birsen Altuntas, Burak Deniz was in September in Adana, in the filming of the series ‘şahmaran’ that he played with Serenay Saríkaya (who was Kerem Bürsin’s girlfriend in the past).

At dawn and Visibly affected by alcohol , Burak entered the Sheraton hotel room and approached the table where the actress Nilperi şahinkaya was with her boyfriend Emre Yusufi.

La actriz Nilperi Şahinkaya junto a su novio Emre Yusufi.

According to the journalist Birsen Altuntas, Burak alone and visibly drunk In peace, something that Burak didn’t like anything to scream: “Are you going to hit me?, come beating me”, forming a show that caught everyone’s attention.

Concern in the environment of Hande Erçel

This aggressive attitude did not like Hande Erçel fans that Are in danger the physical integrity of the actress working alongside Burak Deniz.

You have to remember that Hande and Burak have already worked together in ‘Hayat, love without words’, a series in which the two formed a great tandem and in which There was no altercation because of fault of alcohol

Hopefully the filming of ‘Two Strangers’ will be carried out Without problems and soon we can enjoy Hande Erçel in a new series, healthy and save.

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