This is Hande Erçel’s initiative in which it makes it clear that the actress is a philanthropic businesswoman. Look at it.

Hande Erçel is ‘trending topic’ on social networks . First to start his new courtship with the millionaire Hakan Sabanci and second to continue working to relieve the consequences of the terrible earthquake that Swept Turkey on February 6 and that left more than 45,000 dead and 105,000 injured.

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A couple of weeks ago Hande Erçel who has a degree in Fine Arts, signed the cover of the Women’s Magazine Elle with a spring box conducted by the protagonist of ‘Love Is in the Air’ and now we find this …

. #Handeerçel

The shirt is on sale on the night brand website of which Hande Erçel is image, but We have bad news since you still can’t buy outside Turkey, something we expect that changes during the next few days.

The shirt costs in Turkey 499 Turkish Liras , which is the equivalent of € 24 , a more than modest price with which you also help those affected by the Turkey earthquake.

At the moment you will be left wanting to join this beautiful shirt with this initiative so beautiful and sponsored by Hande Erçel but we assure you that as soon as they are put on sale globally, We will be the first in Inform you.

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