Hande Erçel has put cannes above. The actress, who as we have you had several days in the iconic city of the Costa Azul, appeared as the queen who is and has raised sighs. But above all it has discovered a trend that promises to collapse the windows.

Every day we are more sure that 2023 is being its year. After the comings and go with Hakan Sabanci (we are still thinking that they are no longer together, but there are rumors that they would have reconciled), everything indicates that Iki yabanci, that is already in full production process, it is released before December. As if that were not enough, The arrival of Hande Erçel to Cannes has meant a breath of fresh air, a small revolution and a new trend in his closet that we must already take note.

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Hande Erçel in Cannes leaves us an idea of how he is going to dress this summer

We saw it upon arrival, we saw it in his second round of photos and we have seen it again in the presentation of Magnum, ice cream that Hande is an image in Turkey. This is The Cutout trend, that feels like a glove back to the world.

At the time of the presentation he chose a Orange minid Being in Cannes as guest of honor of Magnum Turkey, ”he said. “My enthusiasm, which began at the time the invitation arrived, became older when I got here.”

The version of a song

Hande Erçel’s passage through Cannes also helped us to know his musical tastes. Golden Hour, of JVKE, becomes the soundtrack of the aforementioned ice cream (yes, with adapted version), and Hande expressed his passion for this song: “This song is among my favorites , and I feel very fortunate for having been one of the first to listen to the new version. ”

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Cannes will end and Hande Erçel will return to his obligations, that is, to the filming of Iki Yabanci. It seems that he will become one of the big surprises of the next season. Will you make your ex shade, which will be advanced by releasing?

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