Hande Erçel takes refuge in painting and helps those affected by the earthquake with this cover for a famous fashion magazine.

Today we have good solidarity news for all Hande Erçel fans. And it is that the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ has signed the March cover for Elle Turkey magazine but not with an image of his posing, but with something very different and that we are sure that you will value.

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The cover for Elle de Hande Erçel is a picture painted by her

As you will know, Hande Erçel studied Fine Arts at the Mimar Sinan de Istanbul, studies he abandoned to devote himself to modeling, but who have left an important ground in the actress who takes refuge in painting whenever she wants to evade and look for her space .

This is Hande Erçel’s cover for Elle

Spring and with a very bright floral motive is an original Hande Erçel design for Elle. The cover of her is signed by her for a good cause: to help the most needy by the horrible earthquake that Turkey and Syria have ravaged since last February 6.

As reports Elle’s Instagram account, this design will go to shirts that will be sold through the night brand of which is Hande Erçel.

Elle Turkey’s message on the cover of Hande Erçel

“After an overwhelming disaster that will never be erased from our memory, we prepare our March edition with messy emotions. “When our eyes and ears were waiting for new miracles, we were trapped strongly in the surroundings of great sadness, fear, despair, pain, repentance and anger are mixed, says our editor Melda Narmanl ı çimen on the editorial page. We had all the sensations this month, but the best we did from the first moment was to wrap ourselves … Therefore we announced our March edition as a special edition of ‘Knetlenme’.

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Our cover for this special issue was designed by#Handeerçel this work, designed by Erçel, who is trained in the Faculty of Fine Arts Mimar Sinan, for our March cover, will be adapted to the shirts by @tag, who is The brand ambassador and will be carried out from mid -March in #Nocturne and selected stores, based in Hatay Füsun Sayek Health and Education Development Association (@fusunsayeketkinleri) to wrap wounds in the earthquake area and quickly reach The needy.

Hande Erçel’s statements that accompany his painting for the cover of Elle

Hande Erçel in turn declared: “One morning we woke up with our greatest and deepest break in the country. After that morning, we remove our hope of our despair, our anger of our vulnerability, our strength of those who could not hear their voice. Swearing not to forget that restless storm inside us in our daily hustle, but with always hope, we woke up to put our face to the sun. We are trapped from where we were broken to never leave any child under the rubble, in the dark again. We promised to wrap each wound together, cure it with love, spring, beautiful days. ”

With this action Hande Erçel has once again demonstrated that he is not only a good actress and model but is also a great Friendly and solidarity of which we are proud.

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