Hande Erçel, the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ gets back on an plane and sets for Abu Dhabi to take a photo shoot.

And that Hande Erçel spends his life up to an plane. If last week we could see her with her boyfriend Hakan Sabanci towards Paris to later fly to Finland, only a couple of days later we see the Turkish actress come up to a plane, but this time for a quite different reason. P>

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Hande Erçel flies to Dubai

This time the flight is not by leisure but for ‘business’ and although it flys to work, Hande does not lose a smile for a second. Hande Erçel is glowing, happy and very happy and that shows in each and every one of the photos we can get from her.

Hande Erçel vuela a Dubai para esta sesión de fotos

Hande Erçel is in Dubai to perform a photo shoot for Night, the brand of which it is image and goes to the company of the Nurisekerci hairdresser, from Beril Varoll, several friends and the Owner of the night brand Can Tarlan Here we leave you several images that have uploaded their trip and arrival.

Although Istanbul’s flight to Abuh Dhabi is 4 and a half hours, just arriving, Hande Erçel launched heads to make some purchases in the night store of the Dubai Mall where It was received with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Already totally dressed as if it were summer, Hande looked some shorts , black booties, a t -shirt of the Loewe brand and the loose hair of it.

The dependents of the store visited by Hande Erçel in Abuh Dabi Wanted to take pictures with her since her fame in every Middle East is at the level of a large Hollywood star because her series still They are broadcast with great success.

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Hande Erçel knows well Dubai

A few months ago we already told you in Crush.News that a spot of the Atasay jewelry brand was projected in the most important tower of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa 828 meters high that there is a symbol of power.

And we also tell you that Hande Erçel shared One of the most expensive advertising spaces on the planet next to another star, Cristiano Ronaldo.

This time Hande has gone to work in Dubai, and although we still have no photos of The new of Hande Erçel for Nocturne , they will come to the writing at any time so that I, you, I would give Refresh content every 5 minutes in case flies.

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