It seems that Hande Erçel’s relationship with businessman Hakan Sabanci advances with good rhythm and now they go to see the northern light. We tell you.

And see that the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ Tries not to get attention , but thanks to her popularity she can’t take a step without her country with her country. This has happened as many times as Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci have stayed for dinner or go out for a night.

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We have even seen them together thanks to the photos and videos taken by fans of the actress who perplexed were with her in a restaurant or a disco.

Hakan Sabanci is a Young entrepreneur that appeared in Hande’s life a couple of years ago and since then has run Rivers of ink thanks to a possible new new relationship.

Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci recover the lost time

And we say this because according to the Turkish digital a ahaber, Hande and Hakan just spent the weekend at a hotel and even They would have announced a romantic trip for the Couple on the next 9 of March.

And that Hande Erçel already told us that his relationship with Hakan was not true when the reporters assaulted it on the street. You just have to remember that mythical phrase in which Hande left the reporters ice cream: “Do not take me to your fantasy world,” thus deniving her relationship.

Hande Erçel desmiente la noticia más esperada

But it seems that this mythical phrase of Hande Erçel was A way to get out of the step to leave her calmly and thus power Continue with Hakan without raising suspicions. P>

And so you can see that they are going very seriously, the couple has prepared a trip that will leave the one you did to go to the Warner park in diapers: Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabancı are going to Finland in 9 March and from there they will go to Lapia.

Have chosen The best time to see the northern lights , a typical luminescent phenomenon of Lapia and that is seen at night only in this country. Next to them will go a group of selected friends.

And if there were doubt about Hande Erçel’s relationship with Hakan Sabanci, the mother appears …

If after all this we have told you, you have doubts, we do not blame you. The human is a being distrustful by nature, but after this surely you have a bit: Hande Erçel has met Hakan Sabanci , Arzu Sabanci.

This beautiful woman is Hakan’s mother and it seems that she would have met Hande when the actress made a visit to Hakan’s house in Emirgan last month. Rumors say that Arzu liked Hande and she approved the relationship.

Hakan’s friends would also have met Hande who seems that Has been integrated as one more of the gang.

Hande and Hakan’s love list

Both Hande and Hakan have an extensive list of couples behind them with a common denominator: None of them have prospered.

Hakan Sabancı has come out with many girls from the high society that are currently married, Hadise, Merve Bolugur, şeyma up and innumerable foreign models.

And of course, Hande has not stopped still , since after Murat dalkılıç, the beautiful actress went out with her partner in ‘Love is in the air’, Kerem Bürsin with whom he had a brief Relationship, with Kaan Yıldırım with which he broke because of his infidelity and is now testing Hakan Sabancı.

As you will see, the list of both is extensive, but we would love that the new couple formed by Hande and Hakan is the definitive and Last more than a northern dawn lasts.

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