Today, the Hankers are a little sadder: Hande Erçel is seriously with her millionaire boyfriend, Hakan Sabanci. Thus seems to be demonstrated by the latest in love plan of him.

Hande Erçel con gorra y plumas en un barquito de pesca
La prueba definitiva que el noviazgo de Hande Erçel va en serio la tienes ante tus ojos.

Attention, stop the rotating ones: Hakan Sabanci with Hande Erçel is serious. Seriously. And we have reasons to suspect him. You see, the protagonist of Love is in the air and former Kerem Bürsin Has passed the weekend with his boy. okay, up to there, the typical. Who is not the weekend with your partner, especially at the beginning, when everything is love and pampering and ñoñía? But here comes the good:

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Hande Erçel en una barquita de pesca mirando a cámara sonriente
Hakan Sabanci es en estos momentos uno de los hombres más afortunados del mundo, las cosas como son.

Hande Erçel is serious with his boy … and they fish together

Yes, friend. Hande Erçel and her boyfriend have left fishing together. Have been made at sea and have been pulling the cane. not among them, of course; They did that before starting to go together. They have thrown it into the water. Look, look what exemplary Hande has taken!

Hande Erçel muestra un par de ejemplares de pececitos que ha pescado.
Vale, sí, no dan para una barbacoa, pero ¿y lo feliz que está ella, qué?

Vaaaale, it’s not much. In fact, those fish and spines are removed to those fish and It does not give even for a pacifier of fish, but the intention is the one that counts. Now, why do we say that Hande Erçel is serious with her boyfriend? Well easy. Because let’s sincere now that we are among friends: How much do you have to love to spend a day Smelling of fish and bait, that are gusts and ages in a state of rot? That everything that surrounds fishing leaves a tufillo that you want to miss it, believe me. How far seems to be the plan of Boreal Aurora in Finland. How the story changes.

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Very active in social networks

You already know that Hande is especially active in social networks, especially on Instagram, where he has About 30 million followers.

Primer plano de Hande Erçel mirando a cámara
Hande es superactiva en redes: ¡le encanta regalar contenido a sus fans!

Hande, who is monérima as you can see, despite the fact that the plan was not the most glamorous in the world, he posted this boy, that we do not know if he fished more than her or simply Drooling looking at her (either is bad).

And meanwhile…

The production of Iki Yabanci follows, in which he works with the controversial Burak Deniz, whose famous fight has leaked in the form of video. Of course, we will have to be patients, because if everything goes well, The filming will be extended for about half a year. a while left to see them together!

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