A new tragedy is primed with the protagonist of ‘Iki Yabanci’. The actress had to advance her return from it from Italy due to her grandfather’s death. This very hard blow has marked it and Hande Erçel has made a tragic decision.

Can a family loss mark so on fire? Of course. In the case of Kerem Bürsin’s ex, especially. It turns out that Metin Erçel, Hande Erçel’s grandfather, at 83 years old. It was his Paternal grandfather, but when we tell you why he has died you will understand it better: it has been because of the Cancer.

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His grandfather has died because of the same disease that took his mother

Hande worshiped his mother, whom he lost just over four years ago. In fact, it is quite common that he uploads images of both meetings, and that he dedicates phrases full of love and pain for how much he strangers her. Aylin died, just like his father -in -law, because of cancer. /Strong>

But not only that: you already know that Hande’s only niece, Mavi, daughter of Gamze Erçel, also went through a cancer recently and was even intervened. That is, cancer is A disease that is hitting her family strongly.

Hande Erçel has made this tragic decision after the death of Mehmet Erçel

Apparently, the death of Metin, a retired soldier, has affected Hande by accumulation: three cases in just four years? Two of the times, in addition, in especially young people. This has made the famous actress stop to rethink all her life.

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To begin with, the issue of Health. cancer, as it has been able to verify, is a genetic issue in your family, and also, twice. Apparently, you are seeing how Improve your lifestyle and rest more, since lately does not stop.

Hande Erçel y Hakan Yabanci en el aeropuerto

But the other doubt that stalks is the fact of being a mother. The risk for her and for the potential future children of her is evident, and she would have already transmitted this idea to her closest circle. Knows how someone feels losing his mother ahead of time, but does not want to imagine what would happen if it were the other way around, since he has lived a trauma with Mavi. How will this affect your relationship with Hakan Sabanci? It remains to be seen.

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