At #Díadelgato All these Turkish actresses proudly show their Michis. Look at it and try not to escape an “Awwwwww”

Cats Have very significant importance in Turkish culture . These felines friends are considered sacred animals and are Very dear to Turkish society . Throughout Turkey, you can find street cats in almost all corners, and people feed them and Take care of them with love .

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actrices turcas enamoradas de sus gatos

In addition, cats are an important part of Turkish history and Have been represented in literature, art and music over the centuries . In the city of Istanbul, Cats are a popular tourist attraction and There is even a museum dedicated to them . Cats are seen as criterous , wise and protective Company . We review a list of Turkish actresses in love with their cats and that they will show you proudly.

Hande Erçel loves cats

The Protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ loves both its cats that it is even its profile image on your Instagram account. Hande Erçel possesses several cats that she loves and waiting for her at home after her hard working days next to her dogs.

Hande’s sister, Gamze Erçel loves her cats

We have been able to see in countless Instagram stories such as ‘Mavi’, Gamze Erçel’s daughter plays with her cats that are faithful partners of the 3 -year P>

Demet Özdemir also loves his ‘michis’

The protagonist of ‘Dreaming bird’ also feels passion for cats. Demet before marrying the singer ‘Oguzhan Koc’ already had several gatetes who moved to her to the new house where he lives with her husband.

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Tired loves his cats despite the accident …

Although we already tell you that One of his cats could have been responsible for the fire that destroyed the house of tired , the actress of ‘unfaithful’ loves them and they are her Fundamental support.

Melis Sezen also has a cat

The ‘unfaithful’ actress is also another of the Turkish actresses in love with their cats and even Yoga with them.

His Burcu Yazgi and his cat

The adorable Asye of the series ‘Brothers’ does not resist having a cat as a company animal and especially if it is as handsome as the photo.

Hilal Altınbilek competes in beauty with your cat

The protagonist of ‘Amarga Tierra’ does not want to stay out of #Díadelgato and proudly shows her pet to tell her who has the most impressive eyes.

These have been just a sample of the Turkish actresses in love with their cats during the #Díadelgato. And do you have ‘Michi’? Do you show it to us on social networks?

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