Since the actress of ‘Love is in the air’ landed in Cannes has overwhelmed all forecasts around her person. First, because it arrived among strong rumors of separation. Second, because of the surprising appearance he has meant in every way. And finally, because the couple with whom Hande Erçel was seen may be one of the most feasible things we have lived in recent times.

We already know of his own mouth that is not precisely a fashion addict and that he accurately chooses what is bought, but Hande in Cannes has dazzled with a lot of models that seem to contradict it. These days he is news for his presence at the Film Festival, yes, but above all because when the Turkish media arrived echoed his break with Hakan Sabanci. We will have to see that when the river sounds, water carries, but There is a new couple in the life of Hande Erçel quite unexpected .

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The surprising (and famous) Couple of Hande Erçel in Cannes

It turns out that Yesterday Tuesday we had news of a new Magnum event. If in the previous one we had seen Hande simply dazzling wearing an orange mini -stress, yesterday he opted for a version with Maxifalda and purple.

And he wasn’t alone, no. Look who accompanied her!

It turns out that Eva Longoria, which is Magnum’s international image since 2008, wanted to be next to Hande. An honor for both, given the fame that precedes them. In the photos, which uploaded to his Instagram account, the hashtag #beamhiçbitMein also appeared, which means “pleasure never ends” . Referred to Magnum and extensible to everything in life, heh, heh.

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We could also see our EDA with Jvke, the author of the song that accompanied the event, and Nicole Scherzinger, former leader of The Pussycat Dolls and former Also of the Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton pilot.

Will your successor be?

Both Eva and Hande share some physical features: golden skin, sweet face with brown eyes, black hair … Will the ice cream mark be thinking about a successor? Without a doubt, Hande would be Magnum’s perfect representative worldwide. And if in passing It is dropped by Spain, better than better, right?

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