Is much more than a matter of style. The sunglasses that our Turkish celebs use have behind a message related to their personality and the use they give to this summer complement. What are the glasses used by Hande Erçel, Demet Özdemir, Can Yaman, Cansu Dere or Kerem Bürsin and what do they transmit with them?

Something apparently as frivolous as the design of sunglasses tells us a lot about our celebrities (Hande Erçel, Can Yaman, etc.). Not only because of the form, which is obviously the one that they like best and the one that feels best (for that they usually have stylists that give them suggestions). Also for what is the use of them and what reflects the chosen design about their personality. you’re going to surprise yourself.

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Hande Erçel Sol Glasses: Want to innovate

If there is something that clearly shows us the sunglasses that Hande Erçel now uses his Desire to mark a trend. Something that we believe is, it is also true that, unconsciously, she likes to be herself who marks fashion, that she who begins it for other people to imitate her.

Hande Erçel con gafas de sol

His last sunglasses are the example of this: Have a different touch to everything, halfway between the Cat-eye and the Runner. and they feel luxurious, of course. The fact that they are dark glass and black paste also hints Wanting not to be discovered, to go unnoticed.

CAN YAMAN: Breakfast and antitradiction

We believe that this groundbreaking vein has been marked more since it was installed in Italy, where the traditional is blurred more than in Turkey. His style often toys between the megavaronil and quite the opposite, something that we appreciate very much, because we live a few times when those lines are increasingly blurred.

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As with Hande Erçel, Can Yaman’s glasses seek to break. With a Orange crystal in degraded and with metal mount, are clearly an aesthetic element (it is night, then they do not need), and it is obvious that it uses them to be groundbreaking. Discretion? Can does not even know how that word is written (nor is it necessary. Nor to his fans either: I am delighted with that it is so).

Kerem Bürsin: Play on insurance

If Hande Erçel’s sunglasses are a commitment to the trend, Kerem’s show us that he prefers to play in known terrain. The Love Is in the Air actor, who now rolls And çok Seversen , does not risk because he knows that he transmits classicism. Our kerem could be perfectly the celebrity that chose a certain Spanish shopping centers to announce its “is already spring”, because it brings together all the requirements.

Glasses Probably no.

Cansu Dere: Rayana shyness in the obsessive

If we have learned from Cansu Dere is that, at the time when you want to be seen, it is hidden with extraordinary skill. In fact, their social networks have not been updated for months except to hang a Story from time to time, as is a few days ago:

The sunglasses Mask type, with dark glass and thick and black mount, are the glasses of the one to be seen, who prefers to be left alone. We imagine that his bad streak a few months ago still giving a pumping.

Demet Özdemir: Bet on the revival

Like Kerem, Demet prefers a model that has survived the decades, and they are Ray-Ban’s wayfarer.

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But, like tired or that Hande Erçel, Demet’s sunglasses are also dark glass and black paste mounting, which suggests desire to go unnoticed (again) And it makes us think: do they prosecute them more the media than them? Because it would be an issue that has a deep debate …

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