We already know that Hande Erçel was going to do when the other day we caught her at the airport address to Paris. Look at it.

After a long weeks in which Hande Erçel has not stopped, the actress of ‘Love is in the air’ has decided to take a Small vacation . After helping those affected by the earthquake in Turkey in the organizational centers, picking up the phone on the telemarathon organized by several chains to raise funds and sign the last cover of Elle Turkey magazine where Hande brought out his most artistic side with A beautiful floral design, Hande Erçel has decided that he is already well and that he will take a few days off.

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But Hande Erçel does not go alone until Paris

Hande Erçel enamorada del joven empresario Hakan Sabanci

It is even said that Hakan Would have presented his mother to Hande Erçel, what would be an unequivocal symptom that there is more than a friendship here.

Hande Erçel with Hakan Sabanci in Paris.

And of course, after the images of the last day we saw them together at an airport now these others get to Hande Erçel in the first line in the Paris Fashion Week where the best designers show their collections for the next seasons.

Specifically this has been The image that made the alarms jump and in which Hande Erçel sitting in First line can be seen.

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Next to her No trace of Hakan Sabanci

After Paris Fashion Week, it is the turn of Lapia.

And as we announced last week, Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci will undertake for Laponia on March 9 to attend one of the most amazing meteorological phenomena that exist on the planet Earth as are the northern lights.

A couple of couples of the most special that will undoubtedly mean one more step in their relationship and from which they are already back in Turkey as the Gaztemagazin digital showed yesterday.

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