It is clear that after having come out with Kerem Bürsin, it can be said that both Hande Erçel and Serenay Sarikaya have the same taste and if not, look at this new detail that both have. Don’t tell me it’s not coincidence …

And everything has arisen when collecting these Images of Hande Erçel , the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ and that it was Girlfriend of her shooting partner Kerem Bürsin , now she is Turkey’s most sought -after woman for her new courtship with the millionaire Hakan Sabanci with whom she has even escaped to see the northern lights to Lapia.

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Hande Erçel caught at the exit of a working meeting

At the exit of a Work meeting and as it has been normal in the life of the actress, several journalists were waiting for her to collect some statement to the model, when we suddenly realized a ‘subtle’ detail : Hande Erçel coincides with tastes with also Kerem Bürsin’s ex -partner, Serenay Sarikaya, actress of ‘Shahmaran’.

The expensive coincidence of Hande Erçel and Serenay Sarikaya that is not Kerem Bürsin

The Coincidence between the two ex Kerem Bürsin apart from a brilliant trajectory in the world of interpretation, it is This piece of SUV that both have. It is a Volvo XC40 equipped and Valued at about € 150,000

Both Hande Erçel and Serenay Sarikaya have the same car , the Same ex and the same successful trajectories in modeling and interpretation.

Have you ever stopped to think if they were separated at birth? Because if not, otherwise, it is not understood …

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