eye, that Hande Erçel will show us his 4 preferred beauty treatments with which he has achieved his characteristic sharp face and without surgery. Take note.

The protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ is one of the most beautiful women on the planet . Her face and her naturalness is envied by all and all who see her as an icon of racial beauty on and off her borders.

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Hande Erçel, 29, is prepared to start 2023 thanks to a beauty treatment valued at 3,700 euros and that is no longer a secret for you.

The 4 beauty treatments preferred by Hande Erçel

To apply this treatment revealed by the main Turkish digital, Hande Erçel has moved to an aesthetics center in the elitist district of şişli in Istanbul where his 4 favorite beauty treatments were applied such as serum pb Pb , the Crystal Fill , the jaw filling or Jawline and the Paris Glow filling. We tell you what they consist of.

Jawline’s jaw filling ’

Hande Erçel y sus 4 tratamientos de belleza

It is a non -surgical filling that is performed by hyaluronic acid and that manages to sharpen the jaw by providing the chin a more prominent aspect. Also known as jawline, the jaw filling is usually applied on round faces

The stuffing Paris Glow

This is one of the most modern and innovative treatments who likes to undergo Hande Erçel. It is a non -surgical injections method that increases the activity of face fibroblasts to achieve an anti -aging effect. It is a new cell renewal treatment that is very fashionable in Turkey since Paris Glow injection contains 59 revitalizing ingredients together with hyaluronic acid. A mix from which the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ is a fan.

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The Crystal Fill (calcium hydroxyapatite)

Calcium hydroxyapatite, also known as’ mineral graft ‘,’ porcelain stuff Non -invasive. These landfills, which are also called glass fillings, are composed of calcium hydroxyapic microparticles obtained in laboratory and gel conditions on aqueous base. Hande accentuates the cheekbones and the chin sharpening his features again.

PB serum

It is a facial and intelligent enzymatic treatment based on keratinase that gets the face to lose weight. It can be said that it is one of the most leading and modern treatments that you can apply right now and that Hande Erçel has been a user for a long time. With the PB Serum, Hande has managed to leave his most round face behind to get a somewhat more sharp face.

Así estaba el rostro de Hande antes de sus 4 tratamientos favoritos. Foto: Instagram.

The truth is that reviewing the old photos of Hande Erçel, the changes are drastic on his face although yes, they are not available to anyone since they are assessed at 3700 euros, a price only within reach for a few Pockets.

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