We finally have Burak and Hande together in ‘Iki Yabanci’! After the palazo that has meant the cancellation of the following Hande series, the two protagonists of this series halfway between the police and the romantic have granted their first interview in unison. This is what they have told us.

The desire to see Burak Deniz and Hande Erçel together in Iki Yabanci, his second series, nobody knows them. Well, fans yes, of course. But after months talking about the project, information that came out with droppers, Have finally talked to the media of how filming and many more details are going.

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Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz, caught together on the set of ‘Iki Yabanci’

Charming, as always, and with a plethoric burak, very recovered from their dramatic altercation of weeks ago, Were chatting with the press, that caught them on the set of recording of the series once The filming day had finished.

Asked about the progress of the filming, Hande Erçel was the first to speak. “Hello, how are you? We are very happy, we work together very comfortable. You have already been here and you have seen it. The filming is going very well, we hope that this is reflected in the audience. ”

Burak: “I have already commented How hard we work and that we do not feel at all challenged. That is, he is going very well. ”

The question that Hande Erçel was not expected about Burak Deniz

At one point in the interview, the reporter asks Hande: “Apparently Burak Deniz has said that Working with you is an incredible comfort zone.” Question, he replied: “Oh! For me it is too, it is. [Working with Burak Deniz] is always special for me. We have known each other for years, in any case, We love each other very much, so it is very comfortable and I enjoy it very much. ”

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Burak, to take a cape to his partner, he added: “we feel very comfortable in the set, that has helped a lot.”

Finally, Hande says goodbye to the reporter, who thank them. Here you have the entire sequence:

‘Iki Yabanci’, a series that could become the great sensation of the year

With permission from Kerem Bürsin, who is working hard on his project with Hafsanur Sancaktan, Iki Yabanci looks like the great feeling of the year. It is a series with police and psychological dyes, but in which love will not miss. And … well, we have already seen The chemistry that they give off on the screen Burak and Hande, right?

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