Then finished: the separation of this couple is confirmed. Hande Erçel is alone in Cannes (now we tell you why). Well, just sure, but Hakan Sabanci doesn’t accompany her. This is not the only reason why separation is confirmed. We tell you everything, that there is a lot to cut.

Compungida no se la ve, desde luego.

We are wishing that our Eda steps on Spain, but for now we will have to settle for almost almost on the border (Bueeeeno, on the Costa Azul, but we have it close if we compare it with its other destinations). Hande Erçel is alone in Cannes. yes, yes: alone. In fact, we know that while she enjoys Honor’s guest at the prestigious festival, her former rose this post in which she talked about the electoral day:

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“Tuve el privilegio de votar por Kemal Dede en la escuela de mi difunto abuelo”, dice el post de Hakan, que definitivamente no acompañó a Hande porque ya no son novios.

Indeed, yesterday Sunday were the general elections in that country. So, on the one hand, we know that Each one was in a different place, and that the constant trips together to Europe are over. Interestingly, Hande has traveled again, but already as a single woman.

What does Hande Erçel alone in Cannes?

, on the one hand, be an guest of exception at the festival. But it is also To become the image of a famous icy chocolate with revolver name. Apparently, this ice cream sponsor the festival in part, so Hande, as an ambassador of the brand, will be present at the festival.

Hande está en Cannes en calidad de embajadora de una marca de helados.

And it will not come bad at all because, apart from the fact that lots of films can be seen, it will allow you Lucky girl!

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They no longer follow on Instagram

This is the other reason we confirm that Hakan and Hande are no longer together: they have stopped being followed on Instagram. And in the era of social networks, stopping is equivalent to full -fledged break. Hande has had to finish To the noses of the Sabanci family in general. now passes page, she looks happy. And we, delighted to be so.

Hakan Sabanci
Bye, bye, Hakan. No vamos a echarte de menos.
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