The steps that Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci culminate with these photos that speak openly of commitment. If there was any hope that he would return with Kerem, he has disappeared. At least, for now.

And we say “for now” because we always have J.Lo and Ben Affleck, who 17 years after breaking fell in love again and today, yes, they are a happy marriage. But let’s talk about the present: There are images (ay, images) that show the commitment between Hande and Hakan. This is so, we cannot give up the truth. Let’s go to what we are going: the photos that demonstrate the facts.

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Eda Ece’s wedding, the frame chosen by Hande and Hakan to seal their commitment

As many you will know, Yesterday they married Eda Ece (the actress of Original sin) And Buğrahan Tupler, a professional basket player . Well, among the guests were not only Hande Erçel, but also his sister Gamze, the husband of this … and Hakan Sabanci.

In fact, the image in front of the mirror, in which the two couples are perfectly distinguished, Was uploaded by Gamze and did not haand their social profile. but, if we recently looked at a Detail that resulted in and that showed that there is something, today the images formalize the relationship and raise it level.

Someone who looks at you how Hande looks at her boyfriend

And they can’t help eating themselves with eyes. At least, Hande to his future husband, because Who doubts right now that he will be shortly?

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And, for those who say that my mother, the films we set up, we want to remind you that, when he began to talk about her relationship with the businessman, she herself denied her, back in November, saying that there was nothing and that we would not drag her into our fantasy world. Well, the fantasy world seems not such, Hande. Are you really going to try to convince us that a lipstick did you hide in the pocket? And speaking of rings: What do you and your sister have and with whom you posed? We need to know, Hande Erçel.

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