We bring you the definitive proof that the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ and her new boyfriend, the millionaire Hakan Sabanci are caught.

Kerem Bürsin, Kaan Yildirim and everyone else were left. Look at this video taken just around her trip to Finland where the boyfriend couple walks through the airport terminal.

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They are relaxed, hand in hand, with a lover smile and answering all the questions of the reporters.

Of course, it seems that confirmation about their relationship already did the other day and Will not do it again according to Hakan Sabanci’s words.

Hande on his part smiles from Hakan’s hand, stuffed in matching leather pants with a ‘perfect’ jacket on which he drops a sheep coat because he seems that love is cold.

Back to the harsh reality of Hande Erçel and her boyfriend Hakan Sabanci

Por fin hemos podido ver a la protagonista de 'Love is in the air' junto a Burak Deniz de 'Shahmaran' manos a la obra ayudando a los afectados por el terremoto de Turquía.

After loading the batteries in Paris and Finland, the couple now has to return to the harsh reality where Hande will begin the filming of his hopeful new series ‘Iki Yabanci’ next to Burak Deniz whose argument we already tell you here. And of course, on the side of his boyfriend entrepreneur Hakan Sabanci, because we imagine that he will continue with his ‘bisnes’ while the relationship between them advances because we just want to see Hande Erçel happy, who deserves it.

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