The fact that Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz are not the best drink for the actress’s boyfriend, Hakan Sabanci. There are several reasons for this. We tell you.

Hande Erçel y Burak Deniz besándose
Imaginamos que Hakan habrá visto el anterior trabajo de Hande Erçel y Burak Deniz juntos y sentirá la química entre ambos.

The thing is warm in the filming of Iki Yabanci, that Rue Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz together. And it is because Hakan Sabanci, Hande’s boyfriend, is having fatal that both lead a new series. The reasons? They are several. We break them up.

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It is not the first time of Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz together

In fact, as you will surely remember, the protagonists of Iki yabanci, series of which we already gave you all the known details, Are old acquaintances. in 2016 it premiered Hayat, love without words, in which Hande gave life to Hayat, who lived a love-hate relationship with his boss, Murat.

Well, we all know that there was chemistry to found a pharmaceutical laboratory. And well, although Hakan knows that he is nothing more than work, He is also aware that it is not the first time that his girl falls in love in a filming. In fact, Hankers have not yet overcome that love story (they were the perfect couple, snif!). And if we add that Burak is not exactly the most mojigato man on the planet …

Burak and his fame of Broncas do not reassure Hayak

The second reason is the Controversial personality of Burak. We know that at the moment he is immersed in the mess that was mounted with Nerec Deniz and Nilperi şahinkaya, and that he has ended up taking him to trial. As if that were not enough, the video of the anger has just leaked (it is engraved with the hotel security cameras) and Do not leave in a very good place to Burak, which faces nerec.

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The ‘Timing’ for Burak’s fight could tarnish Hande’s professional reputation

And we arrive at the last reason why Hayk is not happy to see Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz together. Burak anger (quite past drinks, apparently) and the start of the filming of Iki yabanci Have coincided over time, which does not suit Hande according to the mentality Business of people like her boyfriend. There are those who think, in fact, that Should have declined to participate in the series by knowing everything that happened.

Hande Erçel y Burak Deniz juntos en una imagen promocional
Va para largo el rodaje de ‘Iki Yabanci’: Hakan lo va a pasar fatal.

The filming of Iki yabanci Will be extended minimum until summer, so Haak Sabanci will have to press his teeth a lot.

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