But how is this boy recovered, who does nothing was convalescent of a back operation and now premieres project? Do you remember that we tell you that Kerem Bürsin returns to TV with another romantic series? Well, the premiere is just around the corner. There is name, there is a plot and there is date. Take note.

el motivo por el que Hande Erçel no encuentra el amor en Kerem Bürsin
Ya hay sustituta de ‘Love is in the Air’. Bueno, lo va a intentar al menos.

Friends, this is going much faster than we thought. Since we knew that Kerem Bürsin star again a series until it is released, it will not spend virtually any time! And it is that in Turkey they will draw, because if it is not understood. Well, let’s tell you what is the Calendar that they handle to open mouth.

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‘Gün Işığım’, the name of the series with which Kerem Bürsin returns to TV

Thanks to journalists like Birsen Altuntas, Who has eyes and ears everywhere, we know the name of the series and also the plot. Gün işığım (my lightning light) has Script by Kübra Sülün, that he has written, among others, Trap of love, sweet revenge and < IM>My sweetest lie. In other words, we have assured a series that gives off passion, surely with a touch of Sweetness that comes frankly well.

Desde luego que se puede considerar el que más duro trabaja…

The plot: Oğuz (Bürsin) receives as a testament of his father the business emporium Alaca Holding. He also asks him to take care of the children of his second wife. A series of misunderstandings will make Leyla (Sancaktan) become the Nanny of their little brothers. From there, love will make yours.

Hafsanur da vida a la niñera de los hermanos pequeños del personaje de Kerem Bürsin.

May: casting and pre -production of the series

Throughout this month they are Finishing choosing all the secondary characters. We already know since the beginning of May that Kerem Bürsin’s new couple will be Hafsanur Sancaktan, that there were previous trials to see if they gave off sufficient chemistry and apparently, despite the age difference between them (about 13 years), Are pure passion together.

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Por escenas como ésta, Love is in the ai, censurada
Pronto tendremos a Kerem en situaciones de este tipo. Al menos tenemos el consuelo de que Hafsanur se da un aire a Hande.

Therefore, while they begin to rehearse some scenes, The casting to decide the rest of the cast is happening now, while reading these lines (well, more or less: we want to say that throughout of the month).

June: filming begins

It is expected that June is the month in which the series is roll or, at least, it will begin to roll so that there are chapters ready for the following month. Kerem Bürsin has already announced his willingness to shoot in summer, which is when he prefers to work (what a weird boy, the truth). We also know that the name of the series could change and that Kerem Wants those of the characters to be modified (will it be because the name of Hafsanur and Hande’s in fiction coincides?). >

Aprovecha para descansar lo que te queda de mayo, Kerem, que ya mismo estás con la claqueta delante.

Julio: The broadcast of the series begins with which Kerem Bürsin starts again sighs

Well, and this is the big surprise: in July we would already have the first chapter in broadcast. The producer, Ay Yapim, Is now in conversations with different chains to see which one offers a better schedule and conditions, but believe us: in July it is when they intend to start broadcasting it. What a won that a channel bought it to broadcast it in Spain! Because that will happen. We are clear, right?

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