We are rubbing the hands because since last Saturday the fondes ‘Doctor Ali’, an anatomy of Gray Turkish in which the professional crises and the surgical emergencies are mixed with the most passionate love stories . We tell you everything about the series and its protagonists (and one of them will give a lot to talk about).

Foto promocional con todos los protagonistas
La serie contiene todos los elementos para ser tu nuevo must turco. Y si no, al tiempo.

Is it a coincidence that Doctor Ali was called in Turkish Mucize Doktor? Because that solid doctor of the Gray Anatomy series to which Patrick Dempsey gave life and for which the character of Ellen Pompeo has come to mind. Anyway, even if this is a pussy without too much grace, on the other hand, the truth is that Doctor Ali is something like a Grey’s anatomy Turkish with Montones of incentives you need in your life.

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This is the argument of Gray Turkish anatomy called ‘Doctor Ali’

If in the Shonda Rhimes series the protagonist was (and is still) resident Meredith Gray, now already brand new doctor, here is a resident, Ali Vafa. Although if we stick to the true truth, Doctor Ali is the Remake the Turk Actor that starred Charlie and the chocolate factory with Johnny Depp. He premiered in 2019 in his country and has 65 chapters divided into two seasons. and we assure you that we are going to fall short.

Fotograma de doctor Ali con el protagonista en primer plano
Ali tendrá que luchar contra los elementos para reivindicar el gran doctor que es.

As in the original version, Ali is a boy with autistic spectrum disorder, especially brilliant in the field of surgery. After being abandoned by his parents in a boarding school, a doctor adopts him and pays his medicine studies.

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Tamer Ölmez y Onur Tuna caracterizados para la serie
Ali se convertirá en el gran enemigo de Ferman, el cirujano jefe.

When the race ends, it is installed as a resident in a prestigious Istanbul hospital. There she will clash with Ferman, the boss surgeon, for whom Ali is only someone with a disorder in whom she should not trust professionally. He will also cross in his Nazli life, another resident who immediately begins a friendly relationship with Ali.

These are the main romances of ‘Doctor Ali’

Ali and Nazli. The two are residents in the same hospital, and also both in front of the presumptuous Doctor Ferman Eryigit. After being Nazli expelled from the operating room for her personal involvement in a baby’s disease, she will coincide with Ali and, Which begins as a friendship, will end up becoming love of the good. oh, what we like plots.

Tamer Ölmez
El protagonista absoluto de la serie, Ali Vefa, también conocido como “doctor Milagro”, es un brillante médico residente con un trastorno del espectro autista.

Ali is played by Taner Ölmez, whom you may know Hakan, the protector (in Netflix). Nazli is Sinem ünsal (black and white love, prime video).

Primer plano de Sinem Ünsal
Nazli se convierte en un apoyo incondicional para Ali, pero la llama del amor se abrirá paso.

Ferman and Beliz. The hospital star surgeon is a man as bright as arrogant and unbearable. Her romantic interest is Beliz, the hospital director. Both have a secret relationship, that begins to make waters when Beliz decides to hire Ali after watching him on television saving a child to die.

Primer plano de Onur Tuna
O-JI-TO con Onur Tuna: no le vamos a perder la pista.

Beliz gives life Hacal türesan, one of the protagonists of the magnificent Fatma (in Netflix). Ferman is played by Onur Tuna. In the writing we have not yet recovered, as I tell you I tell you.

Primer plano de Hazal Türesan
Beliz (Hazal Türesan) quiere una relación sin complicaciones con su subordinado, Ferman.

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