Ivana, Georgina’s sister has been very important in the second season of ‘I am Georgina’.

Georgina Rodríguez is at its maximum splendor with the premiere of the second season of its Reality Strong>. After the successful premiere that had the first installment, the influencer has taken a step there. For the first time he is in command of his own docuserie as Executive producer of his own fiction. In other words: his new position has allowed him to personally select his entire technical team.

As Georgina has always loved to surround himself with people of his maximum, he has added the team to his own sister, Ivana Rodríguez.

The Rodríguez family, in command

The older sister of Georgina has actively participated in filming as Steering assistant, a position that has had to perform hand in hand next to her Sister.

And how much GEORGINA’s tata is pocketed with this work? Well, the truth is that Ivana’s salary is unknown for performing in this position. What we do know is the average national salary for a position of this relevance, which is 37,676 euros annual. Although, in truth, we have suspicions that Gio’s sister has exceeded that amount.

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