The actor of ‘Love is in the air’, ‘You stole my heart’ have made an invitation from Chile that he will not be able to reject.

We are very aware of the 191 fire that is shaking in North-South of Chile and that has left More than 91 dead. multitude of countries among the that Spain is located are sending help and special forces to try to contain the progress of the flames in a disaster of magnitudes never seen before.

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Desde Chile invitan a Kerem Bürsin

Kerem Bürsin’s fans, specifically Kerem Bürsin Spanish Fan Account echoed the situation and asked by way for Make donations to the country . This is ‘Fandom Solidarity’ and the rest nonsense. A girl applause!

Despite the agonizing situation Chile is living, its citizens sympathize with Kerem Bürsin and ask for strength to get ahead.

Kerem Bürsin, the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’, ‘You stole my heart’, is doing everything possible to raise funds and material to help with the terrible earthquake that has coincided with Chile’s fires as a horrible fate carambola. This morning we have been able to see Ask for help directly from Spanish citizens and until you record a video to raise awareness among what is happening in Turkey Is very serious .

The invitation to Kerem Bürsin that will not be able to reject

But to take a little iron from the situation, Kerem Bürsin this morning has made an invitation so original that we are sure that it will cause a smile in the actor as soon as he sees it. P>

Specifically the Invitation was for Kerem Bürsin to try snowboarding but in sand dunes . This modality is called Sandboarding and was fashionable in the 80s in Brazil and then Popularize anywhere in the world that has Good dunes To slide.

Of all it is known that Kerem Bürsin is a fan of skate This invitation from the Chilean people and who knows if Chile will be invited for a few days.

Qué tiempos en los que iba a hacer snow con su Hande Erçel. Foto: Instagram
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