Can Yaman’s partner in the series ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ has surprised everyone up this photo that left her infinite legs exposed.

The gorgeous Miss Italy and Can Yaman’s companion in the successful series ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ has uploaded a photo from New York to networks that has surely left Can Yaman Ojiplático. Francesca that is more currently than ever since in her ‘chec aiuti including Can Yaman with whom he lived a brutal scandal when discovering an Italian magazine a possible romance between the two.

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Francesca Chillemi mimics the famous scene of ‘Basic instinct’ perfectly

With a black and short dress on a white sofa and cross legs topped in silver heel shoes, Francesca Chillemi fixed her eyes on the viewer, challenging him. Ok, Sharon Stone’s dress was white and she blonde, but this photo could well be the negative of the same scene. Nail.

Francesca Chillemi va a matar a Can Yaman

Francesca Chillemi is on vacation

Francesca has decided to take a break from the filming of his ‘chec aiuti

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