We have found Can Yaman’s Greek brother. If you don’t believe it, he keeps reading.

Can Yaman is the final Turk. Strong, handsome, with a penetrating voice and best actor has fallen in love to us all since we discovered him in ‘Dream bird’ and more when We started investigating his career past and present.

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We like by kindlyness and for that golden skin and that long hair that makes our imagination fly. For his papers in ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ and now in ‘El Turco’, Can Yaman is looking for a position among the select group of actors who have A future insured in their country and in the rest of the planet.

And of course, we are of fine nose as far as actors are concerned, we have been hallucinated when We have discovered (or rather, they have discovered us) to a Greek influencer that could well be A clone or a brother of our beloved Can Yaman.

Discovered Can Yaman’s Greek brother.

You have. Can Yaman’s Greek brother is called Vasalos Konstantinos and has 33 years exactly the same as our Can Yaman and is a recessed closet type like our can. He likes sport, animals and influencing Tocoche and Moche on Instagram.

The tweet Zoe Vals Tango has discovered it and we are for us to give us something.

It is that kind of man with whom we would go to Greece, Turkey or Pedroñeras if he asked us.

If we have to complain something, it is in The name . Let’s see, that it doesn’t matter, but Constantine is not the sexiest name to call him in a shopping center, everything is said, even if he only imagine leaving the water on the beach while you wait for him in a bikini with a mojito in The hand, it does not matter to us is called Constantine or Genaro, the truth.

Konstantinos has participated in the reality ‘Survivor’ in 2017 in Greece and has also appeared in ‘Asia Express’ in his country.

It can be said that it is all A television celebrity Rafa Mora’s roll, although he is not an actor as such. There our Can give him a thousand laps since Konstantinos has not yet participated in any series although the bird is sure to be a dreamy and kill for doing so, but no.

And you, Who do you stay, with the Greek Konstantinos or with the Turk Can Yaman? you already tell us.

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