We have achieved the first words of Can Yaman in which he gives his heartbreaking vision about the earthquake that his country has ravaged, Turkey.

As we already tell you in Crush.News, Can Yaman has immersed in the filming of ‘The Turk’ an blockbuster for Disney+ that is being shot in Hungary and Which cannot escape now which have the end date This February.

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Despite this labor commitment, Can Yaman has managed that so far has managed The earthquake.

We have Can Yaman’s first words for Turkey’s tragedy.

Needs all the help that can be found. Therefore, after the earthquake and once his donation campaign has been going, Can Yaman decided to approach his followers, aware of his popularity and degree of influence.

In a Interview with Grazia magazine , Can Yaman told us how his life changed dramatically after the earthquake:

“My family and loved ones Live in Istanbul (more than 1000 kilometers from the epicenter), so Did not suffer damage , but the thought of the earthquake, the missing people and The victims accompanies me every minute and Hurts deeply ”.

These statements appeared in the magazine have played the heart of their fans who undoubtedly needed to feel with the actor at a time as difficult as this.

Can Yaman also said: I have activated a collection of funds to bring concrete aid to populations in difficulty , we knew that he would not remain still despite the fact that days spent without having news.

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The Turkish actor also declared: I am close to my country with my heart and with all my soul. A tragedy of immense proportions has devastated my land “.

There is no doubt that Can Yaman has a big heart and demonstrates it in each of its actions that will remain in the memory of their compatriots forever.

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