Actor Burak Deniz’s ex -girlfriend

Didem Soyan The little girlfriend model of the famous actor Burak Deniz (‘Shahmaran’) was a purchase view in the Nişantaşı district in Istanbul. I am who had rejected an interview on television to talk about her rupture with Burak Deniz, when she was asked on the street she said: “boys, let’s talk later. They already know the process of a break, I have no good humor. ”

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Burak Deniz ex -girlfriend statements

Didem I am P>

Didem Soyan said: “We are great colleagues. Relationships come and go. We continue with our normal lives in the framework of respect and love. ”

Will there be reconciliation between Burak Deniz and Didem I aman?

Burak Deniz when asked if the guilt of his break was for the suggestive poses of Didem on Instagram in underwear said: “Of course there is no such thing. Are we crazy? ”, thus closing any type of controversy about it.

Burak is immersed in a legal process for a fight that occurred with Nilperi Sahinkaya and her boyfriend Emre Yusufi during the 29th Golden Boll International Film Festival and we already tell you here.

The reality of Burak Deniz’s break and his girlfriend Didem Soyan?

It seems that according to rumors, the reality in Burak’s rupture with Didem is none other than Serenay Sharikaya, the explosive protagonist of Burak in ‘Shamaran’. It is commented that after the filming of the series, both would be living a passionate love story that would have ended with the consolidated relationship of Burak and Didem.

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Let’s not forget that Burak already broke with Didem in October 2021 to return six months later, but it seems that this time The thing is different and there is no going back to judge by these images in the that we catch him walking in a hurry on the same street where Sherenay has his home and without clothes under the coat …

With Didem’s statements, it can be said that your relationship with Burak has ended in a friendly way and while we expect a confirmation that finally discovers a New couple between Bruak and Sherenay , nosostras … we will continue informing.

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