Just a couple of weeks after its serious Kerem Bürsin operation can now leave home. We have the photos.

The Kerem bürsin fans are worried pains preventing him from realizing his normal life.

Apparently Kerem Bürsin had appeared an album hernia Because of the crossfit , a high intensity sport and which Kerem is a fan. The training routines of his among which are the ‘Tire Smash’ have been able to be the causes of a very painful hernia and that of not being treated in time, the life of the one who suffers it can be complicated.

Kerem had to undergo urgent operation to end the pain.

And so we tell you last week. Kerem Bürsin underwent an disco disco operation that would keep him at home a couple of weeks of rest and away from high intensity sport for another 6 months. Throughout this period Kerem reassured his fans from his bed by throwing messages that denoted that his recovery was stern wind until today.

First photos of Kerem Bürsin after the operation

This is Kerem Bürsin attending the 45th birthday party of his manager Günfer, with all the abdomen bandaged, comfortable clothes and Sending a heart to all his fans to make it clear that he is recovering that he is recovering satisfactorily.

Kerem Bürsin was accompanied by someone very special.

Is it his new girlfriend who is accompanying him in these delicate moments? well no. Who is accompanying Kerem Bürsin during his convalescence is neither more nor less than His father , who was at the Günfer party as one more since he has not hesitated to return from Texas (his place of residence) to be with your child.

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During Günfer’s birthday, Kerem Bürsin Was relaxed enjoying the party and taking advantage to relate a little and getting out of the house. Here we can see the bottom, sitting on the sofa talking with his friends.

From Crush.News we are glad to have these first images of Kerem Bürsin that tell us that it is recovering quickly and well. That he is happy, he leaves home and little by little it seems to us that he will return more strongly to finish his unfinished projects as ‘an unusual story’ of which we could already see some images that make us clear that Kerem is immersed in a work that goes To be very very big and will give a lot to talk about.

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