Hande Erçel’s boyfriend is an edge. That’s it, I’ve said it. And now I explain why. But to do it, I need to give you a little context about everything that has happened between Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci three weeks to this part.

Chronology of the latest movements of Hande Erçel and her boyfriend

As you will surely remember, everything exploded during Hande’s trip and Hakan to Tuscany. There were several things there. The first, which Was upset for the persecution of their girlfriend’s fans, whom he thought he had separated from them constantly traveling (how wrong you were).

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The second, which Faced the followers of the actress, something she recriminated. And the third, that while demanding exclusivity and dedication to his girl, he did not release his mobile. That is, what has been the law of the funnel of a lifetime.

Everything rushes with the death of Hande’s grandfather

The death of the grandfather of the protagonist of Love is in the air was the culmination of a trip, according to witnesses, quite bitter. She rushed into Turkey to give Metin her last goodbye. Hakan was not by his side.

Journey to Cannes Solo Solísima

In the middle of the month, Hande traveled to Cannes Sola. He has been there attending various events but, above all, promoting the famous ice cream of which he is an image. Until we saw it with an unexpected company! Everything pointed, by numerous indications, but also because the media collected it, to his own with Hakan had ended. and no, he has not done so. And this is where I explain why Hande Erçel’s boyfriend is a edge and an unbearable.

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These are the details that make Hande Erçel’s boyfriend into a spoiled child edge

When someone like Hakan Sabanci grows surrounded by attention, tends to think alone. And look, I don’t know what else we have to do fans to warn Hande that Her boyfriend is a red flag of the size of a bullring. In short, we continue the story chronologically.

It turns out that, in the last bars of the actress’s stay in Cannes, Hakan moved there to pose with her for the first time. It was at the Amfar gala. In this way your relationship is formalized. Ok, what is that of posing with sunglasses? Nobody has told this boy that it is very cuiled to that?

But the best (or the worst) comes now. Hakan has done it again: he has put Hande in evidence. It turns out that the press was waiting for them upon his return from Cannes and a reporter asked them. Hakan replied: “The same story every time you see us together begins to be little fun. I’m not comfortable at this time. Do we have to speak every time? ”, replied, visibly altered, as Gazette Magazin collects in his Instagram account.

Momento en que Hakan se encara al reportero: es bastante desagradable.

Well, Hande Erçel, this is what you have: A rather border boyfriend and that can endanger your career. Are you really comfortable?

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