This kiss between the husband of the influencer Chiara Ferragni, Fedez and the singer Rosa Chemical can cost the San Remotive Festival 600 thousand euros.

This San Remo Festival Has been a disaster because everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. From A show of the white singer destroying the stage because according to him it was not listened well, until a Chiara Ferragni accused of promoting covert advertising of her clothing brand, passed through her husband The Fedez rapper who Exalted cannabis consumption or called a live politic

The complaint to Fedez and Rosa Chémical

Well, if all this were not enough, the Pro Vita & Amp association; Famiglia, has denounced Fedez, Rosa Chémical and the San Remo Festival for Attempt against collective modest

And all for the performance of the singer Rosa Chémical who did Twerking with the attendees in the front row, took the stage to Fedez and finished the song giving him a kissing with a tongue that apparently has scandalized the Italians who have managed to collect 37000 signatures that accompany the complaint.

Fedez and Rosa Chemical kiss has affected all Italy

If the white behavior was seen as A pamket , the ‘show’ of Fedez and Rosa Chemical is something that Has touched very deep to Italian society . Specifically, the Pro vita & AMP association; Famiglia has expressed something that many Italian citizens think of comments on networks:

“They made a Behavior of a gravity unprecedented on live television that caused a Wave of indignation general for shame, discomfort and disgust caused by the Vulgarity of behaviors related to the sexual sphere. ”

What do you really think, Is for both the ones that has been lied with Fedez’s homosexual kiss with Rosa Chemical or are Sinning of Puritans ? We leave you the video of Rosa Chemical’s performance so that you can take your own conclusions.

Fedez Homosexual Kiss with Rosa Chemical

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