We know in which state is ‘Sandokan’, the lost series of Can Yaman, for a filtration in an Italian magazine. We tell you.

Sandokan was the Sandokan Star Series for several months. The interpreter of ‘El Turco’ had just landed in Italy to expand new horizons to his career and as soon as he arrived Signed to shoot the series ‘Sandokan’ based on Emilio Salgari’s books. He was thoroughly preparing struggle, reviewing the script, studying Italian but one day along with the pandemic, ‘Sandokan’ vanished …

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The next thing we knew was that Can Yaman began to shoot a new series with former Miss Italy Francesca Chillemi. ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ premiered and razed but there was no trace of ‘Sandokan’.

Then we learned that Can Yaman went to Hungary To shoot ‘El Turco’ for Disney+and we still had no news of ‘Sandokan’.

And it turns out that this week in the magazine ‘Sorrisi and Canzioni TV’ Italian, we have found an interview with the producer Luca Bernabei in which we do not know if he has escaped or what happened, But Has revealed that the ‘Sandokan’ project of Can Yaman not only has not died but even has a start date …

When does the filming of ‘Sandokan’ of Can Yaman begin?

During the interview with the producer of ‘A Pass Dal Sky’ comments all the projects in which he will be involved during the next months and oh surprise!…

Luca Bernabei comments on the work it has pending:

“Now we are filming the second season of‘ Blanca ’, in May we started to roll the third of‘ Doc ’and in summer we will begin to roll the second of‘ Viola Come il Mare ’. We are already talking about the new seasons of ‘Don Matteo’, ‘Che ci aiuti’ and ‘A pass dal sky’. While “Sandokan” is scheduled for next year. “

Will Can Yaman?

“We are working together”

So we already know two things: that the mega success ‘Viola eats il mare’ is not going to begin to roll imminently as we believed so far and that the series in which Can Yaman will play the pirate ‘Sandokan’ is postponed until 2024 but is not suspended and that is good news. During the interview, producer Luca Bernabei also announced that ‘Sandokan’ has a Assigned budget of 50 million euros , record quantity for Luxvide that competes with ‘El Turco’ of Disney+.

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