We have exclusively the new argument of the new series that is filming Can Yaman in Budapest and prepare because it is very strong …

The new series that Can Yaman is shooting in Budapest for Disney+ is undoubted >. Enough not to make a giant spoiler and that you can enjoy with a little Argument until the series is released this year.

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Can Yaman has left its place of residence to shoot its new series

Can Yaman has left Italy to shoot ‘El Turco’, a series in which he will play Balaban AğA, an intelligence general of the Ottoman Army that was found Wounded and dying after a hard battle for The siege of Vienna on the outskirts of an Italian town called Moena.

After finding Balaban injured, the inhabitants of Moena Decide , learning their customs and language, showing their brave and kind temperament and gaining the love of its people. The inhabitants of Moena are delighted to have Balaban among them and They just nicknamed ‘El Turco’ while they shot improve day by day and integrate into the customs of the Italian people as one more.

After months of stay in Moena, Balaban discovers an unfair of the feudal lords to the inhabitants who Forces them to pay part of their work , something unfair to the that Balabán will oppose Successfully organize an uprising peasant against the feudal lords that will free them from unfair oppression but that the feudal lords will not be willing to consent without deploying their army.

Meanwhile, Can Yaman will have time to discover love in Moena. A torrid story between an Italian and a Turk who promises to put our hearts to a thousand, discovering that it will be the beautiful model and actress Greta Ferro that ‘the Turk’ fell a little more in love with Italy if possible.

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Moena has not managed to forget ‘El Turco’ Balaban.

The historical novel is based on real events, since the people of Moena still in August celebrates a Turkish carnival in which the entire town dresses in the typical style and dance with Turkish flags in their hand.

In fact, at the entrance of the town there is a source with a Jenízaro bust of ‘El Turco’ with a beard, turban and a crescent flag. No doubt Balaban Ağa left an indelible mark on Moen P>

The inhabitants of Moena until they proudly affirm: “He is our ancestor , we are Turks, this is our Turkey!”

This is The argument of the new Can Yaman series . Without a doubt this is the part that we can tell you about the script without spoiler or anger anyone, but as an appetizer, we believe that it is more than enough until the series is released at the end of the year.

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