We have achieved the complete list of actors who will accompany Can Yaman playing their new series ‘El Turco’ that is roll in Budapest for Disney+ and Eye, because there are surprises.

Of the new series that is filming Can Yaman in Budapest we had already told you everything we knew, but this time, we bring you definitive information from the actors who are going to accompany Can Yaman during the filming of ‘The Turkish’. To date confirmed 100% was the Italian model Greta Ferro, but it is that We now have the definitive list of actors who are just shooting the series in Budapest.

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All the actors of ‘El Turco’ by Can Yaman

Can Yaman is already prepared. After his last series ‘Viola Come Il Mare’ the Turkish actor showed that He could play a leading role in a language that was not his . He passed the proof with Very good note , but now it is different since Disney+ wants the series to be a International success and together with the demand for a filming in English, he has incorporated to International actors . Another challenge for Can Yaman that in addition to having to Squeeze your physical skills , you have to study and practice English long hours Before filming , which leads you to exhaustion.

But we go with Can Yaman’s colleagues in ‘El Turco’.

Greta Ferro

The model and actress made the leap to the interpretation with the documentary ‘Made in Italy’ leaving with his mouth open to critics and public. After this documentary another came for Armani called ‘My Jacket’ where she finished convincing everyone with some interpretation skills that are sure to captivate us in ‘El Turco’. Although Greta Speaks English , Chinese and Spanish fluently, it will be the first time you play an English role, which will mean another challenge for her. Greta is feeling in her flesh what it is to be Couple in the fiction of Can Yaman . The gaze of Can Yaman’s fans are placed on it and daily usually receives messages where he suffers threats and just shooting next to the Turkish actor as we tell you here.

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Kieran O’Reilly

Another of the actors who have joined ‘El Turco’ by Can Yaman is the Irishman Kieran O’Reilly, born in 1979. You will know him for playing ‘white hair’ in the historical series Vikings Strong>, but Kieran also has his own alternative music band called ‘Hail The Ghost’.

You can see in the tent that the actors use to train with their horse and in which you have also been able to do it to Can Yaman.

This last image taken from his Instagram account has only 5 weeks, so it could well be the character he plays in ‘El Turco’ of Can Yaman.

Magnus Samuelsson

The Swedish actor is also the winner of the ‘The strongest man in the world’ in 1998. He is considered One of the strongest men in history . He has interpreted several roles among which the clapa stands out in the series ‘The Last Kingdom’ that coincided in the ‘Korda Studies’, the same and by Can Yaman.

Will Kemp

British actor and dancer born in 1977 is another of those who Have joined the cast of ‘El Turco’ of Can Yaman. He played the dancers’ Step Up 2 dancers, the way to success ’and has appeared in the‘ Doom Patrol ’superhero series.

Slavko Sobin

Another that has joined the actors of ‘El Turco’ of Can Yaman is Croatian Slavko Sobin. Very young he went to study interpretation to the United States where he graduated at the Academy of Performing Arts in 2017. Theater actor, he also writes children’s books, a hobby that loves the same level as the interpretation, therefore being well known in his country. It has appeared in the famous ‘Game of Thrones’

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David Nykl

Another in the list of actors in ‘The Turk of Can Yaman’. The best known role of this Czech-Canadian actor is that of Dr. Radek Zelenka in the science fiction series ‘Stargate Atlantis’ or the role of Anatoly Knyazev in the series ‘Arrow’ of DC Comics.

Nigel Pilkington

This British actor, singer and screenwriter has also joined the list of actors of ‘El Tuco’ of Can Yaman. He is a recurring actor in the British series that has appeared in ‘Grandpa in My Pocket’, ‘Cutting It’ or ‘Richard Hammond’ s secret service ’among others.

Sai Naomi Bennet

This young promise is a British actress who has already participated in enough successful projects despite his youth. She born in 1990, she will remember her for appearing in ‘Mr Selfridge’ or in ‘The Spanish Princess’ where she played Mary Tudor.

Ugur Yildiraran

Is a Turkish actor born in 1981 in Istanbul. He played Garbis in the series ‘Filinta’ or Selim in the çucur series which made him a highly respected actor in his country.

Madalena Aragão

This Portuguese actress and influencer joins the list of actors in ‘El Turco’ by Can Yaman. She is a Young promise in her country that is gradually making a hole in the interpretation thanks to her videoblog on YouTube of her where she vents telling the problems that happen to her day to day. He has appeared in the movie ‘Contos da Montanha’ or ‘María Lionnsa’. Without a doubt, this role in ‘El Turco’ is going to mean a trampoline for this Portuguese promise.

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Weapon Oğuz

Another Turkish actor joins ‘El Turco’. On this occasion it is Armağan Oğuz , who in 2008 won the Best Turkey model award to later win the world’s best model award. He studied interpretation in New York by returning to Turkey to play Selim in the series ‘Ah Neriman’.

The greatest filtration in a series

This is the largest filtration of actors for a series that is still rolling. Among them there are all kinds of characters, but what we are clear is that they are Can Yaman’s family during all these months of hard filming and despite the fact that he says he feels alone, with these actors around him, we can say that loneliness is somewhat less loneliness.

Meanwhile, the filming of ‘El Turco’ is inexorably approaches to its purpose that is scheduled for the month of March, at which time Can Yaman will return to Italy to begin the filming of ‘Viola Come Il Mare 2’ together To Francesca Chillemi. This boy does not stop.

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