Fedez has just submitted to this incredible change that no one in Italy manages to understand. We tell you.

As if he could erase the events of recent days, Fedez has said goodbye to his characteristic platinum blond hair. The rapper Returned to his natural brown and yesterday presumed the new shaved hair of him.

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In one of his Instagram stories where the singer shows a radical and determined change of look with which he seems to want Celebrate his rebirth and give folder to the bad days that seem to have gone with the arrival of spring.

In fact, after all the rumors and chaotic events of the last weeks among which were the gay kiss with the singer Rosa Chemical, the alleged crisis with his wife Chiara Ferragni, the rebound effect caused by the suspension of a psychotropic And physical and mental health problems, the singer seems to be recovered. He reappeared on social networks with the whole serene and relaxed family, in search of that peace and tranquility that he seemed to have lost.

Fedez wanted to Surprise his little daughter gradually turning to his daughter Vittoria who at the beginning, seemed almost not recognizing him.

The singer has not given explanations about the Decision to undergo this radical change but most likely it is only an aesthetic decision for being tired of dyeing.

Now however, changing looks, Fedez almost seems to want to leave behind the last stage that crossed as a bad dream. A difficult period not only for him, but for his whole family and, first, for his wife Chiara Ferragni. Fedez’s new look we like although now he is the only one who is not blond at home.

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