After a few weeks convulsive in which Fedez had disappeared, he reappears to reveal the reasons that had led him to show erratic behavior.

For weeks and before Fedez disappeared from social networks, his marriage problems with Chiara Ferragni were the most commented of the couple. A world of appearances, postureo and kisses Gais hid a much worse problem and that Fedez has just told us after being sincere in an Instagram story.

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Yesterday Fedez was sincere to his fans.

After having been missing several weeks and under rumors of marriage breakup, Fedez appeared much more thin and demacrated to open up with his fans and explain the true reason for his behavior:

“pancreatic cancer was very traumatic and thanks to him I have realized how much I take care of me “. Fedez, dressed in a white shirt, dark circles, made a sincere story of his situation that Was only broken when, in tears, he admitted that he had resorted to very powerful psychotropic drugs : “I had to Use them but in January I was prescribed very strong that has changed me a lot, it has stirred a lot and has also given me Side effects from the physical point of view, very strong, very strong, very strong, to the point of provoking nervous tics, and preventing me from speaking freely. I caused me spasms and I couldn’t even walk ”.

Fedez continues knowing that his story can help many people in the same situation and warning that the Medication you cannot stop taking it suddenly since a ‘bouncing effect can occur’ : “This Period has made me realize how much I want to focus on my mental health and especially on my family and my wife. The press has been very hard with her, and is the only person who has been by my side and regrets that he had to suffer A totally undeserved shit media storm. I want to thank him because she had to take care of an whole family and me in this period. I am really a lucky man. ” And now? We will have to “deal with therapy. Without looking for shortcuts as I have done in recent months. Don’t look for shortcuts, because they can hurt you . When something highly traumatic happens in your life, take care of your mental and emotional health, and do not neglect your emotions or those of the people around you. A hug. ”

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