Fedez fights with Tizian

We have ‘Beef’ again between the Milanés rapper and an influencer Chiara Ferragni, Fedez. This time Fedez has left a message full of messing to the singer Tiziano Ferro, where he Asked that he please unlock in Instagram.

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To understand this, we have to go back to the Year 2019 in which Fedez and Tiziano starred one of the most crazy altercations of the moment.

Why were Tiziano Ferro angry with Fedez, Chiara Ferragni’s husband?

The thing is that Fedez in one of his songs laughed at the sexual orientation of Tiziano and took him out of the closet in 2019 with the stanza of his song ‘Tutto il contra Ha Mangiato Più Würstel Che Crauti ”(now I know that he ate more sausages than Chucrut …) Thing that Did not like Tiziano anything and that four years later he is again on everyone’s lips. But why do these two are angry?

Well, everything comes from a video hung during a break from the podcast ‘Muschio Selvaggio’ in which Fedez participates and where he can be seen addressing Tiziano and asking him with a lot of horny that please unlock Instagram: “Tiziano, do you unlock me of Instagram? I love you, swear. I love you ”after what he sent him a kiss.

Tiziano Ferro does not want to know anything about Fedez

Tiziano’s block is considered by many as a breakdown of that fight of 2019 because of the stanza of Fedez’s song. In Italy, many also consider that Fedez is trying to take advantage of the impulse of his career thanks to his performance at the San Remo Festival, trying to win the favor of Tiziano who has lived for some time with his partner Victor, in Los Angeles. /p>

Fedez fights with Tiziano Ferro but will it unlock him on Instagram? We fear not, but we will continue informing.

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