Cannsu fans indignantly with these statements of the actress after being died by dead in the Turkey earthquake.

The protagonist of ‘unfaithful’ carries Without giving signs of life since before several earthquakes of great magnitude Ravage the south of Turkey and part of Syria . In fact, a few months before There was no trace of Tired Dere that he even rejected the Viña Viña Prize in Spain blaming food poisoning. After this everything in the life of Cansu Dere was very strange. Her house was burning in strange circumstances and she disappeared during the earthquake.

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Many media pointed out that Cansu would be Dead under the ruins of a collapsed building. Others who Tired ofre was scared and suffered from post -traumatic stress which would have made her hide until she felt safe to appear again in public, but Nothing is further from reality .

Tentu Dere had been injured in his own home.

But of course The questions are crowd Strong>How bad it is having these days. The fans do not understand Why she did not support her in the telemarathon that led many actors and actresses to show her solidarity attending the calls. Or understand why he did not go to any humanitarian media collection center even if it was to help with office work …

The declarations of Tired Dere who have angered their followers

Everything is very difficult to understand but you can still get worse after some Statements that just collect in the Turk Digital Have global and that we are still trying to digest.

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To the question about The reason for his disappearance tired ofre said: “I have broken my heel in an accident at home and I have not left until I have recovered” , but the surprising and has angry at his fans comes now. Before her question about her disappearance from her social networks, turning her back on all those affected, Cansu said: “I would not like to worry anyone. Anyway, I am not someone who uses social networks a lot. I also want to use Instagram as an album where I share my happy moments ”.

Cansu only wants happy moments in his life

We understand that Cansu only wants to show happy moments and beautiful things in his Instagram account, but Should learn from their classmates who have not hesitated in To assert their influence and his followers to raise awareness and help a whole country that is suffering and that Needs all the help to replay.

We understand that Fans are a bit angry with this attitude because we sincerely, We do not understand anything.

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