There are news in the divorce of Demet Özdemir and Oguzhan Koç. On the one hand we have known some details of the divorce, which will be agreed and “in the framework of respect”, as the actress herself ensures. One of them has to do with the respective social networks. Of course, dark stories are being discovered, such as the addictions of one of the spouses.

“I knew those things would happen. There are no special accusations only for us. These are sad news, they are not true. There will be a divorce by mutual agreement. Infidelity accusations are not true either, ”said the Dreaming Bird actress about her breakup recently. But there are News in the divorce of Demet Özdemir and are Quite far from the official version that is being given (and that, on the other hand, it is logical, since both are well -known faces).

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One of the novelties in the divorce of Demet Özdemir and Oguzhan Koç: They will keep the photos together of Instagram, but …

… just for a while. The idea, apparently, is that it transcends that idea of mutual respect and good roll. That is why they will not erase the other immediately in their respective social media accounts, but after a period that has not transcended. Surely, When the public has assumed that they are no longer together.

Another thing that is known is that they will try to accelerate the process. To do this, they will resort to one of these two palaces of justice, Beykoz or Adalar, because apparently in them the procedures are faster. In fact, Is where celebrities from the country are usually separated precisely because of their speed.

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Addictions: one of the reasons that could have led to marriage to an end

There are several reasons. One of them is an alleged Infidelity by Demet, but it is not the only one. There would also be, as reported by the country’s media, Serious differences between the protagonist of Adim Farah and the mother of Oguzhan, something we tell you recently.

Demet está ajena a todo lo que se comenta y sigue publicitando su actual serie, ‘Adim Farah’, con fotos de la misma.

However, the last thing we have known is even more serious. Apparently, Demet Özdemir has, as they comment on Turkish television, a problem of addiction to Alcohol which has caused not a few bronchs between her and Oguzhan, which has been defined as “a being Very spiritual and aware of himself. ”

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