We know who is Miguel Herrán’s new girlfriend and is a policeman and sister of María Pedraza. Take now, do you want more? Well, keep reading.

It was the year 2019 when we discovered that Miguel Herrán began to go out with Sandra Escacena, a young actress who joined the life of the actor who gave life to Rio in ‘La Casa de Papel’. Gone were rumors that united Denisse Peña, an actress of the series ‘El Intermerado’ and next to the one who also related to the actor, but what we bring you today is a maximum salt ’that will make you happy the afternoon. You will see.

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Miguel Hernán con Sandra Escaceda. Foto: Instagram.

Miguel Herrán’s new girlfriend is María Pedraza’s sister, Celia Pedraza

What we bring you today is the material of which dreams are made since one of the most handsome actors and with more roll of the ‘Spanish actoril panorama’, is going next to the beautiful sister of another of the most beautiful actresses that we have in our country.

She is Celia Pedraza, she is 30 years old and is nailed to her sister. She studied law but left the career to oppose the state official, so we could say that Celia is a policeman, so she cares Miguel.

We have caught Miguel Herrán and Celia Pedraza at the airport

At dawn to the first leg and in the afternoon on the way back, on different days, we have caught the actor Miguel Herrán with his new girlfriend , María Pedraza’s sister going to the filming of the new Series that has just finished Miguel for Amazon Prime: ‘Los Farad’.

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Miguel asked Celia Pedraza to accompany him in the filming of the latest scenes of his new series that is being filmed in Prague.

Both the first leg and the return, Celia Pedraza wore with a casual look seasoned with a corduroy hat. Miguel on her part, dressed a diesel, cap, jeans and comfortable shoes.

There is no doubt that Miguel Herrán’s new girlfriend has authentic tune. They like, laugh and there is that complicity of lovers who have just started a relationship and Are worshiped.

The filming of ‘Los Farad’ is over and Miguel Herrán and his new girlfriend return home, tired but happy to continue their relationship.

Miguel Herrán’s new series, ‘Los Farad’

The new series for Amazon Prime Portrays what happened in the Criminal Marbella of the 80s and arms trafficking during the Cold War. A series in which in addition to Miguel Herrán we can enjoy the performance of Adam Jeziersky, Fernando Tejero, Susana Abaitua and Omar Ayuso.

A luxury of filming that Celia Pedraza has enjoyed in the first person watching her boy act.

Will we see the Pedraza sisters on occasion go together with Miguel Herrán and Álex González? Well, we don’t know it, but if you do, you will see it only in Crush.News

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