If there is a place where people like plastic surgery than a child, that site is Turkey. It is true that most of the country’s celebrities become arranged (and so great, hey), but some, as far as, attract more attention. Serenay Sarikaya’s touch

Primer plano de Serenay Sarikaya

There is a very famous gossip program in Turkey called Söylemezsem Olmaz, something like “if I don’t tell you.” To get an idea, Is something like the Save me of that country. through the table of their presenters they spend tooooo Very juicy details. In this way they revealed the aesthetic retouching that Serenay Sarikaya, the actress and ex -girlfriend of Kerem Bürsin, has been made, and that has not left anyone indifferent.

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“¡Llamó la atención el trasero de Serenay Sarikaya!”, dice el faldón inferior del programa.

What retouching has done Serenay Sarikaya so that everyone has noticed?

It is not the chest. Or not this time, since it seems clear that Serenay decided to slightly increase her bust long ago. The face? Not at all. There is, at least at first glance, something that makes us think that the interpreter of Medcezir has operated nose, lips, cheekbones …

No. The Tertulians of Söylemezsem Olmaz were set in This detail:

La actriz presumía así de figura. Normal, si está divinísima.

Yes. Everything indicates that Serenay would have gone through the operating room to retouch his buttocks. Now, at least in that Story that recently rose, it shows how his butt has molded. Before the doubt of one of the presenters about the possibility that he would carry special lingerie to mold his figure, or that it was simply a position that makes him the most outstanding culete, Ebru Sançi, one of them, explained: “I know he is a person who supports aesthetics. I don’t think it has anything to do with the posture. ”

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I don’t know what to tell you. I always see Serenay. If it has operated, well for it. If he has not done it, well for her. The important thing is that you like it!

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