Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti has been discovered with the woman who occupies her heart today and is also 25 years more young than him. Look at it.

Ramazzotti who is in full Milanese tour of his ‘Battito Infinito World Tour’ is on the mouth of everyone and all for His new conquest.

nueva novia de Eros Ramazzotti 25 años más jóven

After the publication of a torrid photo in which he kissed the mouth with the curvy model Giulia accardi , the Italian chi magazine has revealed that it is not giulia that He has managed to fall in love with Eros Ramazzotti but another beautiful woman.

Eros Ramazzotti’s current girlfriend is not Giulia Accardi, it is …

… is Dalila Gelsomino. This was just published by the Italian magazine Chi who has discovered the identity of the new very very Eros Ramazzotti girlfriend with whom she apparently has “an important story.”

Dalila that is 25 years younger than Eros Ramazzotti studied at the Beccaria Classic Lyceum and was a classmate of another VIP, the Matilde Gioli actress . After graduating in economics and cultural heritage and entertainment management in Cattolica and a scholarship at the University of Albany in New York, she began the model race and then passed to the other side of the catwalk, organizing events around the world of the world of Fashion.

After this he jumped to Mexico , to work in the real estate world where he met Eros fell in love with him. It seems that Dalila Gelsomino is the woman capable of taking the place in the heart of Eros who already belonged to Michelle Hunziker and Marica Pellegrinelli . We will continue to inform.

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