Prepare for the strongest bonfire ever broadcast by Telecinco in ‘The island of temptations’

Neither one nor two, but two are the strongest bonfires that will be broadcast on ‘The island of temptations’. It is this sixth edition One of the strongest we have ever seen You can’t miss.

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Drama en la hoguera más hot de 'La isla de las tentaciones'

This is the strongest bonfire of ‘The island of temptations’

In them we can see the connections between the boys and the tempting as well as the first veto to a single that will raise the tension to unsuspected limits.

They will also attend their appointment with the increasingly insecure iPad because of what they already saw in the first bonfire. Specifically Álex feels that her relationship with Marina is lost while David knows that her images for Elena will be a hard drink for her.

Manu sees how Lydia is letting Michael every day. despite Saul’s harassment and demolition.

Drama in the stake of the girls

But be careful, if you thought there was only a bad vault in the bonfire of the boys, attentive to that of the girls.

Marina and Elena will see how their relationship has touched the bottom since Their partners Álex and David have passed three villages in Villa Playa . Very hard images, reproaches and explosions of fury that are going to leave us very but very crazy.

It is the turn of the second appointment for boys and girls

There will be Another of the girls with their favorite underground by the beach. causing The lights of temptation do not stop a second in either villas, which will predispose couples to arrive quite anguished to the two bonfires that we will see today and believe us, judging the faces of his presenter Sandra Barneda, is the strongest that has been seen so far in ‘The island of temptations’.

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