At this point you will have seen the trailer of ‘Ya çok Seversen’, the new Kerem Bürsin series that every Turkey can see shortly. But you can too! We explain how to get it.

We still have a shrubed heart watching the sexual tension that they give off on the screen Hafsanur Sancaktan and Kerem Bürsin in And çok Seversen, the series that premieres in July and that everything The world is looking forward to seeing. It doesn’t matter whether or not we understand it because Kerem comes out and because his presence alone already fills us:

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If this is your case, we tell you how to see it without paying a cent. And In a completely legal way, of course (we would never give illegal tricks for more kerem there are).

What is the series?

In case you have missed it, Kerem gives life to a rich heir to whom his father has left in inheritance an extra gift with his business emporium: that he takes care of his little brothers. There the character of Hafsanur Sancaktan comes into play, who will be the babysitter of which our favorite actor will fall in love.

And that this first encounter between the two, in the elevator of a hotel, is to sparkles.

We do not have it subtitled to Spanish, but in English:

Ya çok Seversen is something like “what happens if you love so much”, so it can’t be more explicit. Do you want to see the Kerem Bürsin series and Hafsanur Sancaktan? Well, I don’t know about you, but we all.

So you can see ‘Yçok Seversen’, the series that star Kerem Bürsin

Already çok Seversen opens on July 6, but only for Turkey. The series is available from that date in Kanal D. simply, In your Android or Apple store, get off the Kanal D app and start enjoying the series since that day. You don’t have to do anything else.

Of course, it’s just in Turkish. However, includes the Kanal D Drama pack, with all the Turkish series that are rising bent/subtitled to Spanish. We imagine that it will take a little longer to be, but we will let you know when they upload it.

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