I don’t know if this news will cause you good or bad surprise, but this moment had to arrive and has arrived. Can Yaman has a new confirmed girlfriend. We know everything about her, so prepare, sit down, take popcorn or klínex to dry your tears, which comes better and … enjoy the news!

Pista número uno: no es Demet Özdemir.

You knew it was going to happen. I knew it was going to happen. It was about time. After Diletta Leotta, Can Yaman has thrown a new girlfriend and the news is confirmed. We have all the information. Yes, yes, we also have the photos.

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Rubia, exuberant and far from the ‘celeb’ world: this is the new girlfriend already confirmed by Can Yaman

If you had to think about how Can Yaman’s girlfriend is, who would come to mind? Yes, yes: Demet Özdemir was on his radar, but let’s think about his kind of woman, which usually drives him crazy. Exact: you would think about Leotta diletta. Well, her new girl is blonde, lush and a crazy Gym. Literally, a diletta clone. Look:

Ok, and now we go to Salso. What do we know about this romance? She is called Giorgia Colombo, lives in Milan and has 34 years. . And why do we know they are a couple? Because every time Can Yaman is in Milan, he walks with her and already There are many visual witnesses who have found them in a more than affectionate attitude.

Italian media indicate that the thing is not now, but at least, since December. Giorgina Loves to add medium enigmatic messages that, just at the beginning of rumors, have increased. Look at the post you have set in your feed (it has been in a row since your own has been made public):

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White and in bottle, milk, don’t you think? In fact, when he jumped only a few hours the news in Italian media, Giorgina had 14,000 followers and His account has begun to rise like the foam.

In the ass puts “bite me”, that is, “Merde me.” >

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